While the ALHS 17 load handling system was Supashock’s primary exhibit at Eurosatory 2018, the Australian-developed advanced motion technology was also showcased in Rheinmetall’s latest Lynx KF41 combat vehicle, launched at Eurosatory overnight.

Supashock has engineered a customised damper system for the Lynx KF41, which has been designed to optimise ride comfort and performance over varied terrain.

The damper system has been developed to withstand extreme amounts of force, as would be encountered with IED/mine threats or heavy landings while traversing undulating terrain.

Specifically, the bump stops have been engineered to dissipate intense shocks, while another key benefits of the system is its ability to pre-load the tracks, significantly enhancing vehicle mobility and operator safety.

Lynx KF41 has been designed by Rheinmetall to achieve gradeability up to +/- 60%, side slope up to +/- 30%, trench crossing up to 2500mm, vertical step up to 1000mm, and fording up to 1500mm.

The vehicle will also be available with a number of options, making it suitable for a range of applications such as infantry fighting vehicle, armoured personnel carrier, command post, and repair and recovery.

Like other Supashock technology, the Lynx KF41 dampers are designed and manufactured in Australia, and Supashock is proud to be supplying these components for these state-of-the-art defence vehicles.

Lynx KF41 Video