Leading Australian racing suspension manufacturer, Supashock, launched its 4X4, SUV and Off-road range on 18 November 2015.

  • Champion race drivers Mark Skaife – V8 Supercars, and Ed Ordynski – Rally Cars, tested the shocks
  • Test vehicles: 2 Holdens, 2 Fords, 2 Toyotas
  • Media and industry guests took part in test laps to “feel the difference” first hand
  • World-leading technology could lead to huge jobs expansion in Adelaide ahead of GMH closure

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has championed Supashock because of its huge jobs growth potential, and he has sought Federal Government support to fast track its expansion – to grow jobs in Adelaide. The Senator officiated the product launch.

South Australian Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation, Kyam Maher, also attended the launch.

Supashock, the innovative manufacturer of internationally acclaimed racing shock absorbers has utilised the technology developed for racing and adapted it for 4X4s, with aims for aftermarket and mass production within 12 months.

The Supashock 4X4 range is designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, by Australians, for Australian conditions. This world-leading technology increases safety, braking, ride comfort and load-carrying capacity.

Supashock technology encompasses a proprietary analysis process, resulting in perfect damping over a vast range of conditions. This provides the customer with unrivalled levels of safety, performance and reliability.

The components that make up a Supashock damper are meticulously machined and constructed, using the highest quality materials that ensure maximum durability and a long lifespan.

At the launch, there will be independent expertise from motor sport racing including:

  • Mark Skaife – Australia’s most successful touring car driver – test driver
  • Ed Ordynski – Australia’s most prolific Group N Rally car champion – test driver
  • Tim Edwards, CEO of Prodrive Racing Australia that leads the V8 Supercars Championship – available for interview

Rory Thompson Services will undertake an independent chartered, engineering assessment at the launch.

Supashock managing director Oscar Fiorinotto firmly believes that the local expertise and his state-of-the-art facilities in Adelaide can service other areas of the automotive industry, which will in turn benefit the Australian economy.

“We pride ourselves on innovation and meticulous quality control, and we have the capabilities to adapt our products for other sectors of the automotive industry beyond racing and 4X4, such as heavy-duty systems for mining, defence, agriculture, and commercial transport applications.

“We are excited about the launch as we’ll get to show the world just how good our 4X4 range is. It will be great to see Senator Xenophon there, along with racing greats Skaife and Ordynski.

“As a company operating in the automotive manufacturing industry, Supashock now has the opportunity to create jobs and preserve skills otherwise lost as a result of the winding up of local vehicle manufacturing by Holden, Ford and Toyota. By the end of next year we aim to have a minimum of 30 new jobs from the 4X4 range alone. Supashock is a growing company with great scope for new technology, skills and jobs.” Fiorinotto said.