Supashock Passive Reactive Dampers

The Supashock Passive Reactive damper system utilises our proven damper technology and improves upon it with the addition of some ground breaking  features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. The main addition to the suspension package is Air Ride technology, developed solely by Supashock’s engineers.

The passive system has been developed for use in heavy, and load carrying vehicles. The Air Ride system acts to cater for the variation in vehicle load allowing for softer springs. The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride in unladen condition, with the same  load bearing capacity in laden condition.

The key to the success of the Supashock Passive Reactive system is the ability to control the generally large un-sprung mass of these large vehicles in order to maximise tyre contact with the road, whilst simultaneously controlling the vibration of the vehicle to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. The results speak for themselves.


  • Offroad and 4×4
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Emergency Services
  • Utility  Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Off-road Racing
  • Tactical Defence Vehicles
  • Mining Vehicles
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Why Compromise Comfort?

The Supashock reactive damper allows for a softer ride and increased load carrying capacity, whilst maintaining a comfortable ride. The technology is ideal for application in heavier vehicles, and four wheel drives.