Supashock Mining

Supashock has developed a range of cost effective, active suspension systems for underground mining vehicles. The Supashock Mining range offers an integrated active feedback system resulting in far superior rollover safety and vehicle performance. The Supashock suspension system decreases whole body vibrations offering greater operator comfort with significantly less vibration exposure. Our mining range has been arduously tested and is proven to comply with underground safety standards.

Heavy vehicle rollovers are a large risk in heavy mining machinery, causing injuries and fatalities in mines worldwide. Laden vehicle rollover stability is a major factor in vehicle safety. The proprietary Supashock Mining range offers far superior laden rollover stability, over any current system, with its built in asymmetric payload levelling system. The proprietary Active Ride System continuously monitors vehicle ride and loading conditions at 100Hz, and makes adjustments to maximise platform stability. Uneven loading is no longer a major hazard with the active systems ability to compensate for the loading condition.

The Supashock advanced suspension system contains inbuilt Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) system integration and data logging. Our engineering team has complete vehicle simulation capabilities, with the unique ability to simulate heavy articulated, and rigid vehicles.


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Material Selection

Supashock suspension systems are designed and manufactured in accordance to the needs of the typical harsh and corrosive mining environments; Supashock are experienced in appropriate material selection and surface protection.


“The design specification required unprecedented levels of performance, safety and reliability.”
Engineering Manager
“The prototype suspension has exceeded all technical performance requirements, and reliability tests.”
Engineering Manager
“The Supashock Active System is ‘hands down’ the best feature of our heavy mining vehicle.”
Vehicle Operator
“The vehicle now outperforms high-mobility mining vehicles, which was not previously possible.”
Vehicle Operator