Supashock is again Supporting our Industry Ready Graduate Program into 2017

We offer mentoring and support to students from our experienced team, offering opportunities to gain industry experience in a market leading, innovative company.

We are seeking interest from highly motivated and talented students in Engineering, Marketing, Software development and electronics to join our team and learn from the best.

We have positions for students in the following areas of study:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Marketing

The Supashock Industry Ready Graduate Program is highly regarded within the industry. Our passionate, experienced team works with students to pass on skills they need to become industry professionals.


10 + 15 =


“…the W1 changes direction better than any 1895kg (unladen) four-door ‘family sedan’ has any right to.” 

Wheels Magazine

“A remarkable job of balancing a really nice supple ride, but with great steering response.”

Mark Skaife

Australia’s most successful Touring Car Champion driver

“…the fact that steering is linear is the first thing you notice. It’s quite extraordinary. For this type of vehicle, you usually feel like the steering is not connected.” 

Ed Ordynski

Australia’s most prolific Group N Rally Car Champion driver

“Probably the best comment was made by my ‘non car person’ wife, who after her first ride in the car after having the suspension fitted asked, why the car felt smoother and not as ‘truck like’?” 

Motospecs Test Driver

“What really got my attention was the car didn’t float and roll into the corners, and it displayed less understeer. Pretty impressive.”

Mark Larkham

Former V8 Supercar driver, and Team owner

“You could feel the difference the Supashock made straight away, even rolling it in pit lane, the car is so predictable now and incredibly easy to drive.”


Sprint Car Driver