Supashock Defence

Supashock offers advanced motion technology for defence vehicles and military applications.

Supashock ALHS17

Supashock’s ALHS17 Automated Load Handling System uses Supashock’s advanced technology to fully automate the process of loading/unloading military vehicles. Read more here.

Supashock Defence Suspension

Supashock designs and manufactures active, passive and passive-reactive suspension systems to meet the needs of a variety of defence vehicles and defence applications. The Supashock Defence products have been developed to operate in the extreme conditions encountered in combat environments.

The proprietary Active Ride System offers superior vehicle ride characteristics, and dynamic agility. These benefits result in improved artillery accuracy, superior laden rollover prevention and increased mobility due to the optimised platform stability.

The Active Ride System continuously monitors vehicle ride and loading conditions at 100Hz, and adjusts accordingly to maximise platform stability and vehicle performance. Uneven loading is no longer a major hazard with the active system’s ability to compensate.

The Supashock advanced suspension system contains inbuilt HUMS system integration and data logging capabilities. Like other Supashock products, advanced vehicle simulation is used to ensure the Supashock Defence dampers are individually designed and calibrated to suit the vehicle’s specific applications.


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Versatile design

Supashock Defence offers a range of suspension options to suit all defence vehicles, from active systems for heavy vehicles, to passive systems for high mobility tactical vehicles.