Supashock Commercial Capabilities

Supashock engineers have taken our award winning damper technology and applied it in the long forgotten commercial sector. No longer do heavy vehicles need to be renowned for poor ride quality and braking performance.

Extensive research on heavy vehicles and prime movers has highlighted areas for vast improvement. The Supashock Commercial damper range incorporates our proprietary Passive Reactive Air Ride system allowing for softer suspension, whilst maintaining load capacity. The optimized Supashock damper system, with the integrated Air Ride system has proven to greatly improve occupant comfort, tyre life and indicates reduced wear on drive line components and wheel bearings.

Supashock dampers are a high performance suspension product suitable for industries that use a variety of vehicles including buses, trains, trucks, trailers, heavy haulage and road trains. Improving ride quality and tyre life, Supashock dampers allow vehicles to operate more safely at higher speeds by increasing overall stability, whilst decreasing running costs.


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The Flow On Effect

Supashock shock absorbers not only improve passenger comfort but lead to improved tyre life, wheel life and train track life. The Supashock solution can be installed as an aftermarket upgrade, or as OEM across the whole fleet.