Supashock Careers

Supashock is always on the lookout for the best people to join our highly experienced team, in engineering and manufacturing.

Our highly regarded work integrated learning program offers undergraduate engineering students from all disciplines experience in the high performance automotive sector. As one of few places in Australia operating in this sector, our work experience program is highly sought after, and highly regarded within the industry.

If you display the supashock core values and are interested in joining our experienced team, please fill in the form below

  • Passion – Embodying the art and science of engineering perfection.
  • Innovation – Developing advanced technology to address customer requirements.

  • Respect – Due regards for the feelings, wishes and rights of all.

  • Integrity – Uphold to consistent moral and ethical standards
  • Determination – Persistence towards achieving and researching the optimal solution
We are always looking for bright new people to join our team in engineering, design and manufacture.


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