Supashock Car Shock Absorbers

Supashock’s road car dampers are high-end, bespoke products suitable for standard, modified and historic vehicles.

Supashock’s road car damper range has been designed with the same principles that have enabled the products to achieve success at the very top levels of Australian and international motorsport – bespoke engineering to suit specific requirements, and a patented design that delivers the highest response times of any damper on the market.

Supashock dampers are manufactured to order, specifically meeting vehicle physics and tyre properties, and suiting individual client requirements. They can be easily tuned for different priorities including performance driving, comfort and safety.


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Supashock road car dampers are the only high-end dampers completely designed and manufactured in Australia.


“A remarkable job of balancing a really nice supple ride, but with great steering response.”
Mark Skaife
“Supashock is one of the best dampers in the world right now.”
Mark Skaife