Supashock Active Suspension Systems

Supashock has developed a range of active suspension systems for commercial, mining and military applications. Our system focuses on occupant safety and rollover prevention, whilst improving driver comfort and vehicle performance. The on-board computer continuously monitors vehicle status and loading conditions at 100Hz, making adjustments within 100 milliseconds to maximise stability.

The Supashock Active System has been designed as a Form Fit Function component that interfaces with the vehicle on-board computer system via CAN bus integration. It is available with a live telemetry function, and integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). The unit is designed for easy, low cost service and refurbishment.

The system can be tailored to suit a range of vehicles; from light weight tactical vehicles, to 18 wheel heavy haulers. The damper unit has active bump and rebound adjustment, as well as an integrated pneumatic spring for complete control over damping characteristics and natural frequency.


  • Asymmetric Payload Levelling
  • Payload Stability Control
  • Active pitch, heave and roll control (increased safety, significantly lowers risk of vehicle roll over)
  • Reduction in whole body vibration (lowers running costs, extends life of existing componentry)
  • Exceptional ride quality in unladen or laden condition (Higher productivity levels, lowers risk of back injuries)
  • Full HUMS integration in individual unit
  • Life cycle management system
  • Fully serviceable components
  • Data logging function
  • Optional telemetry
  • CAN bus communication (integration with existing CAN system)
  • Complete system viable as form fit function replacement
  • Software and control system tailored to application
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Active Safety

The Supashock Active suspension system has been designed to maximise vehicle and occupant safety, with active rollover prevention and payload leveling. The result is a system with significantly improved rollover stability and laden handling performance.