Supashock Four Wheel Drive Dampers

The Supashock four-wheel-drive damper range has been specifically designed for the demanding and highly-variable environments encountered by 4×4 vehicles. Engineered to the same standards as Supashock’s other products, the 4×4 damper system offers rapid damper response – essential in off-road driving, and low traction environments. For on-road use, the dampers maximise ride comfort, handling and safety.

The advanced 4×4 range was launched in 2015, with the presence of high profile motor racing experts including Australian racing legend Mark Skaife, former team owner/driver Mark Larkham, Australian Rally Champion Ed Ordynski and Tickford Racing team principal Tim Edwards.

The latest addition to the Supashock 4×4 range is the Drivetech damper system – find out more about it here.


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Quality and Performance

The Supashock 4x4 range is the only fully Australian designed and manufactured high-end product, and outperforms the competition in all terrain.


“It’s very hard assignment to make these cars ride nicely, while also maintaining a high level of steering response – the Supashock product nails both these objectives.”
Mark Skaife, Former V8 Supercar Driver, Commentator
“What really got my attention was the car didn’t float and roll into the corners, and it displayed less understeer. Pretty impressive.”
Mark Larkham, Former v8 Supercac driver, and Team owner
“The response is quite impressive for this type of vehicle, usually the steering doesn’t feel connected but with Supashock it feels very good.”
Ed Ordynski, Australian Rally Champion