Supashock Drivetech 4x4 Dampers

Supashock Drivetech 4×4

The Drivetech 4×4 Supashock suspension lift kits combine the expertise and experience of Supashock and Drivetech 4×4 in the development and production of vehicle specific kits that deliver ultimate ride quality and performance.

The Supashock four-wheel-drive damper range has been specifically designed for the demanding and highly-variable environments encountered by 4×4 vehicles.

Quality and Performance

Engineered to the same standards as Supashock’s other products, the 4×4 damper system offers rapid damper response – essential in off-road driving, and low traction environments. For on-road use, the dampers maximise ride comfort, handling and safety.

The Supashock 4×4 range is the only fully Australian designed and manufactured high-end product, and outperforms the competition in all terrain.