Supashock Defence

Supashock offer active, passive and passive-reactive suspension systems to meet the needs of a variety of defence vehicles and defence applications. The Supashock Defence series has been developed to operate in the extreme conditions in all corners of the globe.

The proprietary Active Ride System offers superior vehicle ride characteristics, and dynamic agility. The Supashock formula is a unique system that results in improved artillery accuracy, superior laden roll over prevention and increased mobility due to the unmatched platform stability.

Laden rollover stability is a large safety factor in armoured personnel carrier’s APC and heavy defence vehicles. The proprietary Supashock Defence range offers far superior rollover stability. The Active Ride System continuously monitors vehicle ride and loading conditions at 100Hz, and makes adjustments to maximise platform stability and vehicle performance. Uneven loading is no longer a major hazard with the active systems ability to compensate for the load instability.

The Supashock advanced suspension system contains inbuilt HUMS system integration and data logging capabilities. Our engineering team has complete vehicle simulation capabilities, with the unique ability to simulate heavy articulated, and rigid vehicles.


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Versatile design

Supashock Defence offers a range of options to suit all defence vehicles, from active systems for heavy vehicles, to passive systems for high mobility tactical vehicles.
Derived from our award winning racing, and 4x4 suspension systems, the Supashock solution can be tailored to get the most out of any vehicle.