Supashock Aftermarket Suspension

Supashock’s suspension has proven itself on and off the track around the world in all forms of Motorsport. This championship winning technology is accessible to the weekend racing enthusiasts in our custom engineered aftermarket suspension systems.

We have a range of affordable suspension systems to suit all applications, from the daily driver, to dedicated track cars. Our aftermarket suspension systems utilise mono tube suspension technology, with 1 way damper adjustment. We can custom tune the suspension in house to suit the vehicle and driving conditions.

Our success is a result of the managing director’s 25 years in high performance vehicle setup and tuning, working in the highest levels of Motorsport. Oscar is always happy to give our customers further advice to optimise the performance of their cars to compliment our suspension systems.


  • Weekend racers
  • Daily drivers
  • Hill climb cars
  •  Targa championship cars
  • Dedicated track cars
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The Perfect Compromise

The Supashock aftermarket suspension system is the perfect compromise between ride quality and road holding. The result is a comfortable ride on the road, and a competitive car on the track.